Trigg Surf

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Trigg Point surf spot, located at the far end of Trigg Beach. Here the surf is consistent and reliable all year round. A favourite local surf spot, but often crowded. The wave here produces a decent length, peeling righthander over a sand covered reef. The adjacent beach break can get some well shaped banks but it all depends on how much sand has collected over the summer. Winds are offshore. The peaks down at the other car parks maybe just as good but less busy. (Reference: MagicSeaWeed Trigg Point Spot Guide)

This image was taken in the height of summer in late morning. I love the setting of surfers just waiting for the next wave. Surfing is such a social sport and the best conversations always happen on the water. Beautiful ocean colour and a birds eye view of the locals.   

Location - Trigg Point, Trigg Beach, Perth, Western Australia

Aspect Shown - Square

Product Code - FP17194S

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