Trigg Reef

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North Trigg Beach lies at the end of West Coast Drive, right next to Clarko Reserve, just in front of the car park and next to Trigg Island. This little stretch of Beach is protected by a large horse shoe reef that is exposed at low tide. North Trigg Beach is not to be confused with Trigg Beach which lies south of the point and stretches for kilometres past Scarborough, City Beach and beyond. 

North Trigg Beach is a well known spot to all local surfers and one of the best and well surfed spots along the Perth coastline, producing consistent and crowded waves over a sand covered reef and next to a natural groyne (known as Trigg Island). This is area of surf and reef is a popular spot all year round. 

This photograph was taken at the height of summer in late morning when the colour of the sea was vibrant and bright. With the reef partially exposed the breaking white water adds a focal point and direction of view around the image. The colour of the sea is magnificent, only nature can put on such a fine display.  


Location - Trigg Beach, Perth, Western Australia

Aspect Shown - Square

Product Code - FP17195S

Camera Specifications: DJI MAVIC PRO 2 DRONE with onboard Hasselblad camera L1D-20c, EF 28mm f2.8, FL 10.26mm, Exp: 1/160sec, f/4.5, ISO 100, Alt: 74m

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