Tree Snake Lookout

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The Common Tree Snake (also known as the Green Tree Snake or Australian Tree Snake) "Dendrelaphis Punctulatus" is a slender, non-venomous, agile snake, found in a wide variety of habitats from bushland, riverbanks, creeks, rainforests to heathland. Usually they are found near water, in areas with trees and long grass and lush vegetation. This agile snake with a long slender body and tail varies in colour from olive-green to black, and in some cases even blue. Usually yellow on the throat and belly, but colour variations and markings are common in the species. It's mildly venomous toxin, not considered dangerous to humans, is injected into its prey as it swallows. This diurnal snake eats small frogs, skinks, fish, geckos and other small reptiles and mammals. It is common in the Northern tropics of Eastern Australia, but can be found as far afield as Western Australia in the Kimberley right the way across the top of Australia to Queenslands Cape York peninsula and down the east coast into New South Wales.  

These beautiful specimens were spotted hanging out in a tree branch hole, which was hanging over the Daintree River. Barely noticeable, from the surrounding foliage, this pair, mostly likely a male and female, were quite timid and stayed motionless as we approached. Taking a boat along the river can provide an excellent opportunity to spot wildlife, you would never see from the land. No filters we required for this shot, a low aperture of f6.3 gives adequate depth of field for the snakes and branch while blurring out the background, maintaining the wonderful green colour of the surrounding vegetation.   


Location - Daintree River, Daintree, Far Northern Queensland, Australia

Aspect Shown - Panoramic Custom Size

Product Code - FP17198P/Custom

Camera Specifications: Canon EOS 7D Mark II, EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM, Focal Length: 286mm, ISO 1600, MM: Pattern, Av, Exp: 1/500@f/6.3

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