The Amity


 The Amity Brig, Albany. Built in 1816 as a two masted brig weighing 148 tons. She carried the first European settlers to Queensland in 1823. Lieutenant Henry Miller led a group of about 70 people including soldiers, convicts, explorers and their families to Moreton Bay in 1824. Amity Point in North Stradbroke Island near Brisbane, Queensland is named after the ship. It was not until 1829 that she finally arrived in Western Australia, sailing into Fremantle in September, with a total of only 15 passengers and crew. She was officially the 8th shipping vessel to arrive into the fledgling Swan River Colony, the former name for Perth. Sadly in 1845 The Amity Brig ran aground during a storm off the coast of Tasmania and broke up. All her passengers and crew made it safely to shore. The replica in Albany is a tribute to this vessel and the importance it holds in Australia's marine history. 

This image was taken at 93 metres above the ground on a slightly breezy day, evident by the pattern of the water on the lagoon. The strong bold colours of blue and green dominate the shot. The placement of the ship draws your eye directly to her, then straight out over the water to the Harbour beyond where she should be. A careful placement of the camera means that no buildings or houses are in shot.


Location - Parade Street, Albany, Western Australia

Aspect Shown - Panoramic Custom Size

Product Code - FP17176P/Custom

Camera Specifications: DJI MAVIC PRO 2 DRONE with onboard Hasselblad camera L1D-20c, EF 28mm f/2.8, Focal Length: 28mm, ISO 100, MM: Centre-weighted av, Exp: 1/100@f/7.1, Alt: 93.7m

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