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Sorrento Quay, located in the heart of Perth's northern coastal suburbs. A haven for boating, fishing, kayaking and every other water sport imaginable. The beaches located on the north side of Sorrento Quay are a popular spot for kite surfing, jet skiing and windsurfing. Within the marina itself you can find a hive of activity above and below the waterline. The marina is a raised wooden broad walk, here kayakers or canoes move silently around the marina area and if your very lucky you may even see the odd one underneath, exploring the underside of the broad walk, with shoppers walking oblivious overhead.

This image was taken in the morning, about an hour after the sun came up, on the north side of the marina beach. A group of kayakers prepare for their morning paddle. Still busy chatting on the grass bank behind allowed the opportunity to roll off a few sneaky shots before they all left, and the moment was gone. The kayaks really make this photograph, they are stranded, motionless on the sand and their unusual positions are irregular and awkward drawing you eye to them over and over.   

Location - Sorrento Quay, Hillarys, Western Australia

Aspect Shown - Rectangle (Black & White)

Product Code - FP17136R/B&W

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