Sorrento Beach Run


Sorrento Beach is one of Perth's traditional northern beaches and home to the Sorrento Surf Life Saving Club.  A wide flat beach, where waves average about 1m in height. Three 50 metre long groynes across the 600 metre long beach reduce the effects of beach erosion. The groynes are positioned either side of the Surf Life Saving Club, whilst the northern end of the beach is well protected by the large curving breakwater of Hillarys Boat Harbour which extends 1 km out to sea. In 2016 the largest shark barrier in Western Australia was officially opened and installed at Sorrento Beach. Costing the state government a reported $900,000 and spanning a whopping 420 metres in length and 270 metres out to sea, with the purpose of keeping swimmers safe. A popular and family friendly beach which is patrolled by Surf Life Saving Club. 

This photograph was taken early in the morning before the regular swimmers appeared, to take their daily dip. A lone jogger is running down the beach and the sun is starting to climb in the morning sky. The dominating green vegetation along the sand dunes make a strong statement against the clear blue sky and water beyond, an angle often overlooked, when visiting this area. The strong green hues of the coastal vegetation, protect and stabilise the coastal shoreline. New plants are clearly visible scattered amongst the dunes, a suburban coastal landscape, where natures rich colours never fail to inspire.  

Location - Sorrento Beach, Sorrento, Perth, Western Australia

Aspect Shown - Rectangle

Produce Code - FP17138R

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