Shark Bay


Bottle Bay Beach, arguably the most photographed beach in Francois Peron National Park, lies at the heart of the Shark Bay region. Found approximately 800km north of Perth, (Western Australia) on the southern side of the Peron peninsula, only accessible by 4wd, is home to some of the states most breathtaking and deserted beaches. The most striking thing about Shark Bay is the vibrant colour of the landscape. The rich red sandstone cliffs tower over the white sandy beaches and are surrounded by turquoise water and a rich blue cloudless sky. These unique colours create a breathtaking natural landscape found nowhere else. With its rich diversity of fauna and flora, you are guaranteed to see wildlife in abundance. Shark Bay is a must see destination for anyone visiting WA. 

Location - Bottle Bay Beach, Francois Peron National Park, Shark Bay, Western Australia

Aspect - Rectangle 

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