Pilbara Landscape


The Pilbara is a large, dry, thinly populated region in the north of Western Australia. Known for its ancient landscapes, red earth, vast mineral deposits and rich fauna biodiversity. It is bordered by the Indian Ocean on its western side and central desert region to the East. The Pilbara contains some of the worlds oldest surface rocks, including stromatolites and granites that are more than three billion years old. It is made up of three distinct geographic areas, the Roebourne coastal sandplain, the desert region to the East and inland, the  uplands of the Pilbara Craton. These upland areas are home to a number of natural land formations and arguably the countries most stunning gorge system in Australia, Karijini National Park. 

This landscape view can be seem everywhere, throughout the central Pilbara region. Vast outcrops of rock dominate the landscape and as far as the eye can see, spinifex grass blankets the land. This photograph was taken on the drive into Karijini National Park. The land changes significantly throughout the day as the light changes with it. The golden hour of day, just a hour or so before sunset, bathes the land in a beautiful golden light. A quintessential shot of the Pilbara region.   

Location - Karijini National Park, Western Australia

Aspect Shown - Rectangle

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