Natures Window Vista

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Natures Window is a natural feature created by wind erosion within the layers of sandstone rock. What makes it so special is the magnificent view beyond it. The Murchison River can be seen looping and weaving through the gorge below. The colours of the rock are magical, especially in the afternoon as the sunlight softens. The thin layers of red and white banded rock were laid down millions of years ago on tidal flats, when this whole area was a shallow sea. It is a beautiful National Park and there is so much to do. It does get busy in the summer months. Kalbarri National Park is about 485km North of Perth, and about 37km inland from the town. It takes about 35 minutes to reach the car park along sealed and unsealed roads. I took this photo in the month of September. It didn't take long to navigate the path and rocky route to Natures Window from the car park. The route was quite safe, as long as you keep the kids close. I would definitely advise going early, not just to avoid the crowds but also to avoid the heat. It is so much hotter at the gorge than in the town, and it doesn't take long to sap your energy. It's a place that just makes you want to stop, breath and stay a while. 

Location: Natures Window, Murchison Gorge, Kalbarri, Western Australia

Aspect shown - Square 

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