Murchison River Guitar Rock /b&w

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Kalbarri National Park is found on the west coast of Australia. The park is open all year round and holds some of the states most beautiful landscape features, from Natures Window, the Z-bend gorge and The Loop. The Murchison River flows through the gorge cutting its way through the sandstone layers to reveal some remarkable features and colours. Throughout the day the colours change, becoming rich and vibrant and enhance the layers in the rock. The Murchison is the second longest river in Western Australia and covers an area of about 82,000 kilometres. It is pristine wilderness. This photograph was taken on the way down to Natures Window, just one of many vantage points where you can see the looping river snaking through the gorge. The rock in the foreground struck me as unusual but it wasn't until I viewed it on my computer I made the comparison to a guitar. It is an interesting distraction from the beautiful vista in the background. I love the layers of composition in this photo - from the hanging jagged rock on the left, the guitar rock formation in the centre and the background panorama. Of course it wouldn't be complete without a big blue Australian sky. 

Location: Lookout point on the path towards Natures Window, Murchison Gorge, Kalbarri, Western Australia

Aspect shown - Square (Black & White)

Product Code: FP17037S/B&W

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