Misty Rock Beach

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Noosa, Queensland, located approximately 150km north of Brisbane on the Sunshine coast. Noosa is a chic upmarket holiday resort, boasting elegant boutique shops, swanky eateries and modern clean suburban streets, all set within a lush green tropical landscape. But beyond the glamour of the town and the fashionable amenities on offer, Noosa's real beauty can be found it its stunning natural surroundings.   

Granite Bay is a small secluded bay on the Noosa peninsula, Noosa Head. A 50 metre high basalt headland is located 2km east of Noosa Beach. Between beach and head, a 3km long rocky shoreline is backed by steep slopes of the Noosa National Park. A road, car park and walking trail lead out to the head. Along the base of the north facing slopes are four small pocket beaches. Granite Bay lies 500 metres around the point and accessible by a small walking track. The beach is a continuous 80 metre long cobble and boulder high tide beach and sandy low tide sand bar. This image was taken about 9am as the sun was rising in the sky and the bright light of day had begun. A slow shutter speed on moving water creates a misty magical appearance along the shoreline, balanced by the sharp crisp clarity of the rocks in the foreground, lets the scene. 

Location - Granite Bay, Noosa, Queensland, Australia

Aspect Shown - Rectangle

Product Code - FP17041R

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