Mettams Pool

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Mettams Pool is a firm favourite amongst locals and visiting tourists alike. It is a natural sheltered shallow lagoon surrounded by reef which gives excellent protection from waves, swell and big bitie things! It is less than two metres deep.

There is access for the disabled and it is very popular for families and the elderly with calm waters and great snorkelling. 

There is lots to see and do, a reasonably good range of fish species resides within the pool, particularly in the holes and crevices in the southern section. They include red-lip morwong, banded sweep, bullseyes, wrasse, schools of buffalo bream, sea mullet, tarwine and blowfish. Sand whiting and Australian herring can be seen in the open water. 
You may also notice a few anemones growing within the pool, while cushion stars, abalone and other shellfish species hide in the rocky reef top. While the snorkelling inside the lagoon is easy, the surge can be strong on the outer edge of the reef. Beware of cobblers in the weed near the shore.  

Location - Mettams Pool, North Beach

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