Lookout Girls Rock /spot

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This beautiful vista is taken in York, Western Australia. York is an inland town nestled on the banks of the Avon river and surrounded by rolling farmland in the Avon Valley. It is the first inland settlement in Western Australia. It takes an hour and 20 minutes to drive from Perth, directly east. This photograph was taken at the top of the Mount Brown lookout. The two children sitting on top of the rock look so small compared to the grand vista beyond, and yet your eye is drawn to them. The view of the valley below has been softened in this image to draw your attention to the children and highlight the clarity and sharpness of the rock itself. For me it represents a moment of peace. A moment to stop and breath and take in the view. The gesture of love and affection between two small people is always touching but the bright red dress really highlights this behaviour making it more compelling to the viewer. It's just one of those pictures you wish you could jump into and join them up on that rock. I have to stay this image in Spot colour is quite striking. I don't often use people in my photography but this image is so engaging and it works so well with the vista beyond. The bright red dress is a wonderful burst of colour and point of focus.  

Location -  York, Western Australia

Aspect shown - Panoramic Custom Size (Spot Colour)

Product Code: FP17047P/Custom/Spot 

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