Jetty Head On


The Ellen Cove Jetty (aka Middleton Beach Jetty) was completed in 1901 and created to serve in the transport of goods and people of Albany. Today its used primarily for recreational purposes. Ellen Cove is the sheltered southern corner of Middleton Beach and a great spot for fishing from the shoreline or wandering out onto the jetty which extends approximately 30 metres out into the sea. 

This image was taken in the early morning as the sun was starting to get hot and the shadows were getting shorter. The patterns of the jetty itself make a great composition in this image. The detail of the wood, the symmetry of the railings and lines of shadow cast on the jetty floor. In stark contrast you are surrounded by the rich turquoise blue green sea. Leading lines straight into the sea beyond. 


Location - Middleton Beach Jetty, Albany, Western Australia

Aspect Shown - Rectangle

Product Code - FP17157R

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