Green Jetty


The Ellen Cove Jetty also known as Middleton Beach Jetty is a jetty found at the southern end of Middleton Beach. Set within the confines of King George Sound in Albany, the Great Southern region of Western Australia.

Worked first started on the jetty in late 1899 and finished in 1901 at a construction cost of $300. Its main purpose was the transport of goods and people of Albany. Later the jetty underwent reconstruction several times replacing the wooden piles with concrete. Today none of the original materials exist and as recently as 2018 it underwent a makeover and maintenance. Today it stands as a popular attraction for swimmers and fishing activities. Both the jetty and the Norfork Island Pine trees along the beach are  listed with the Heritage Council of Western Australia. The recent addition of the Shark Barrier built in 2016 encloses the waters around the jetty, making it a safe and popular area to swim.  


Location - Middleton Beach Jetty, Albany, Western Australia

Aspect Shown - Rectangle

Product Code - FP17154R

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