Giraffe Million Dollar View


The Giraffe enclosure at Toronga Zoo, Sydney. This must be one of the most famous Zoo views, in the world. This photograph was taken on a beautiful warm sunny day in Sydney in January. The giraffe was pacing a little and I positioned myself, so on it's next circuit, I'd get the Sydney skyline to the right and giraffe on the left. This is one of those perfect examples of just getting lucky. For some reason when he turned, the giraffe looked straight at me, as he walked back towards the fence line. This was the one shot I managed of him looking directly at the camera. Giraffe's are quite a good animal to photograph as they tend to move quite slowly, with purpose, in a slow rocking motion as they stride. They live to about 20 years in the wild and a little longer in captivity. They are the tallest of all land animals and some males can reach up to 6 metres tall. They are herd animals by nature and are only found on the continent of Africa. Though they are not currently endangered their numbers are declining in the wild. My favourite feature of a giraffe has to be its eye lashes. They perceive colour and can see clearly up to 2km away. So perhaps they can admire their view after all, I'd like to think that they can.  

Location - Taronga Zoo, Sydney, New South Wales,  Australia

Aspect shown - Rectangle / Aspect Ratio is 1:1.5

Product Code: FP17078R

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