Gap Rocks


Torndirrup National Park, south of Albany, home to limestone cliffs and granite headlands exposed to the Southern Ocean. A side view of The Gap, looking out across the granite rock weathered and sculpted by the wind and waves. Here the weathered joints are a strong feature of the landscape. 

This photograph was captured looking directly towards the gap just away from the  platform. It is an unusual view of the Gap that focuses on the formations and pale colour of the granite, against the blue sky and rich rugged vegetation common to this area. Here granite fractures, forming block like features in the stone create an interesting composition that leads the eye into the dark cliff face and the gap below.  


Location - The Gap, Torrndirrup National Park, Albany, Western Australia

Aspect Shown - Rectangle / Custom size

Product Code - FP17167R/custom

Camera Specifications: Canon EOS 5DS-R, EF 16-35mm f/2.8L USM, Focal Length: 16mm, ISO 100, MM: Pattern, Exp: 1/80@f/8

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