Dune Tree

Description :

Francois Peron National Park is one of the most spectacular National Parks in Western Australia. It is situated at the top of the Shark Bay peninsula and only accessible by 4WD. It is over 800km from Perth and takes about 10 hours + driving time to get there. The area where the park now sits used to be a sheep station during European settlement, right up until 1990. It was then purchased by the state government and declared a National Park in 1993.This dune tree was captured in an area known as Herald Bight. Tracking West along the beach, we pulled into the sand dunes. Just over the ridge from the shoreline we came across an area that was flat and slightly hollowed. It was littered with kangaroo droppings. It was a clear sign that there was a fresh water source just below the surface. Not more than 5 metres away just over the rim of this hollowed area, stood this beautiful tree. Baron of any foliage, it's roots were no longer reaching far enough to the fresh water source. Instead it stood almost as a sculpture in the landscape. A reminder of the fragility of life, that lives here, in this harsh but beautiful landscape. I have named this photograph the Dune Tree. The colours of this landscape are as bright and vivid as you see them displayed. There is no filter in Shark Bay, it is as magnificent as you can imagine and more.

Location - Francois Peron National Park, Shark Bay, Western Australia 

Aspect shown - Rectangle

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