Black Swan Bill Tuck

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The Black Swan is symbolic of state of Western Australia and features on its coat of arms and often mentioned in historical literature and artworks. They are native to Australia and found throughout the country with the exception of the Cape York peninsula. They are very similar to the European White Swan, but much smaller. This beautiful specimen is a resident in my local park in Hillarys. The breeding pair have been here for at least the last six years and every year welcome a new batch of signets. Last spring you could be forgiven for thinking there was a natural history convention happening in the park. There were 6 beautiful signets and most nights you could see small groups of people taking photos, with tripods set up, len's primed, and everyone admiring the view. How lovely to see so many people still so interested in what is quite a common sight around Perth. This adult male was quite uninterested in me, but it took some time to get this shot. Crouched down low on the edge of the lake, fending back the reeds to get an uninterrupted view, I waited some time for the swan to get close enough. It's constant preening was a behaviour I didn't think I wanted in my shot, until I noticed the fantastic contrast of the red bill nestled amongst jet black feathers. I love how the arch of the birds neck leads your eye to the striking red eye and bill and you get that strong pop of colour. The water ripples help to frame the shot and bring your focus back to the centre of the image.  

Location - Hillarys Park, Perth, Western Australia

Aspect shown - Rectangle 

Product Code: FP17067R

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