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The Brig Amity replica started construction in 1975 in honour of the towns 150th celebrations in `976. Today it sits proudly at the end of Parade Street in the Stirling Historical precinct in Albany. Mounted next to a small lagoon and showing the Princess Royal Harbour in the background, creates the impression it is floating in the Harbour.

The original 128-ton brig was built in Canada in 1816 and used initially as a merchant trading vessel between America and Britain. In 1823 is made its way from Scotland under the command of Captain McMeckan via Dublin and Rio De Janeiro arriving safely in Hobart Tasmania in 1824. It wasn't until 1826 that she made here way over to Western Australia. In1845 an ill fated trip saw her run aground on an unchartered sandbar in Tasmania. The ship broke up and was abandoned.

This photograph was taken in January during the summer season of Western Australia. This time of year the air is warm, the winds are low and the clarity and colour of the water is rich and vibrant. The Princess Royal Harbour takes pride of place in the centre of the image and takes up the majority of the picture. The Amity Brig sits in the lower segment of the photo, in the central foreground and could be mistaken, for being over looked initially. The rule of thirds does not apply to this composition but it makes perfect sense, leading your eye from the Amity straight up into the distant horizon beyond. The blue and green hues of the water tie the image together seamlessly. 

Location - The Brig Amity, Parade Street, Albany, Western Australia 

Aspect Shown - Panoramic / Custom Size

Product Code - FP17175P/Custom

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