Z Bend Kalbarri

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Kalbarri National Park in Western Australia features a number of natural attractions one of which features in this photograph. The Z Bend is a section of the Murchison River aptly named because of the Z shape bend the river has made in the rock. Here the gorge makes several sharp bends and has very steep sides. The Z Bend river trail takes about an hour and a half and is 2.6km long. It features a steep decent down into the gorge, some steep ladder climbs, and some scrambling, but otherwise a relatively straight forward trail along unmodified rocky surfaces. There is also a lookout point, which is where this photograph was taken. It is quite well protected and easy access from the car park. It is suitable for kids, as there is a good safety rail, but be careful if you move off the designated area to get a different view, there are sheer vertical drops and no rails!      

Location: Z Bend, Kalbarri National Park, Western Australia

Aspect shown - Square 

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