Torndirrup Ocean Views


 Torndirrup National Park can be found in the South West regio of Western Australia, approximately 400 km South East of Perth and only 10 km outside of Albany. Here a windswept coastline is home to a number of naryal rock formations namely The Gap, the Natural Bridge and blow holes. There are a number of wonderful outlooks and walking trails including Sharp Point, Jimmy Newells, Stony Hill, Peak Head, Salmon Holes and Bald Head. And if you're feeling really chirpy you can visit Misery Beach. 

This photograph was taken in the height of the summer months and on a relatively calm day when the winds were low. The rugged nature of this part of the world, the heathland, granite outcrops and secluded bays make this a national park well worth visiting in any season. There are plenty trails and lookout points throughout the Park. This image is dominated by the rich deep blue colour of the Southern Ocean and the emerald green heathland that fringes the scene. The foreground draws the eye to the detail of the granite and the subtle colours that can be found within it. You know just by looking at this scene that you are in rugged wild territory and mother nature is in full control.



Location - Torndirrup National Park, Great Souther Region, Western Australia

Aspect Shown - Panoramic Custom Size

Product Code - FP17171P/Custom

Camera Specifications: Canon EOS 5DS-R, EF 16-35mm f/2.8L USM, Focal Length: 30mm, ISO 200, MM: Pattern, Exp: 1/400@f/8

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