The Gap Landscape


The Gap is named after a natural formation created by the forces of nature.  Wave erosion has created a huge gap or channel in the rock, where the surging power of the Southern Ocean can be seen crashing into the gap below.  This coastline is notorious for its powerful waves and strong currents powered by the southern ocean. The Gap is a popular tourist attraction and recently had a total facelift with a brand new viewing platform that juts out from the land and hangs over the gap itself, allowing the viewer to look directly down into the void below. It is a formidable scene and with its recent mesh floor can quite simply take your breath away.

This landscape picture was taken from the newly restored pathway that leads directly up to the viewing platform. The pattern and colour in the granite rock dominate this picture and lead your eye to the metal platform that hangs over the gap. The natural slope of the land plays tricks on your eye, questioning the angle of play. The rich deep blue southern ocean beyond brings the view back to equilibrium. 


Location -  The Gap, Torndirrup National Park, Western Australia

Aspect Shown - Panoramic

Product Code - FP17161P

Camera Specifications: Canon EOS 5DS-R, EF 16-35mm f/2.8L USM, Focal Length: 19mm, ISO 100, MM: Pattern, Exp: 1/160@f/8

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