The Big Blue

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The Silver Gull (Chroicocephalus novaehollandiae) is the most common coastal bird seen throughout Australia. It feeds mostly on worms, fish, insects and crustaceans. In urban areas it is a successful scavenger, which has allowed it to increase its numbers significantly in urban areas. The Silver Gull has a sharp voice consisting of a variety of calls, usually the harsh, high pitched "Kwarwh." Breeding commonly occurs throughout August to December and nests are located on the ground, in low lying shrub and rocky areas. 

The Silver Gull has a white head, tail and underparts, with a light grey back and black-tipped wings. In adult birds the bill, legs and eye-ring are bright orange-red, but juveniles have a black bill and some more noticeable markings on the underside of their wings, like the bird in the photograph. This image captures the simplicity of nature and the beauty of colour. The big blue sky synonymous with the Australian climate and the majesty of flight.  Simple, natural nature in all her splendour.  

Location - Bottle Bay Beach, Shark Bay, Western Australia

Aspect Shown - Square

Product Code - FP17102S

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