Rock Beach View


Sorrento Beach, located on the southern side of Sorrento Quay. A popular beach in the heart of the northern suburbs coastal region. Easily accessible with heaps of parking, a large shark net and actively patrolled by Surf Life Saving Club. The beach has two groynes providing protected swimming areas and popular amongst locals for swimming laps and competitions.  The beach is wide and flat and well maintained, with great swimming choices for kids of all ages. 

The photograph was taken from the groyne closest to the marina, using long exposure to create the soft water motion effect. The focus of the image is the foreground, with sharp detail and a natural split tone colour created by the rocks. In contrast, the deep blue hues of the beach and marina are soft and draw your eye to the horizon beyond.

Location - Sorrento Beach, Perth, Western Australia

Aspect Shown - Rectangle

Produce Code - FP17139R

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