Riding Shoreline

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Hillarys Horse Beach (also known as Whitfords Horse Beach, after the road it's on) is located immediately north and adjoining Hillarys Dog Beach in the suburb of Hillarys, in Perth Western Australia. It is only a short horse beach are spanning approx. 160 metres in length. It is mainly used for horse recovery from exercise or injury and a vital facility to our equestrian community. It is open Monday through to Saturday from dawn till noon every day. Throughout the summer months particularly on the weekend, you are usually always guaranteed a horse visitor. It is also popular amongst recreational riders both young and old and a wonderful experience for anyone who owns a horse. Riding at the beach really doesn't get much better than this, in crystal clear calm water. Occasionally you might even see a dolphin coming closer to see what's going on. 

This photograph was taken from a much higher altitude to avoid the horse hearing the noise of the drone propellers. I love the curvature of the beach in this image, with the line of the dune path leading straight out into the sea and the horses in it. Here the water is calm and clear, creating barely a ripple along the shoreline.  

Location - Whitfords Horse Beach, Hillarys, Perth, Western Australia

Aspect Shown - Square

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