Rainbow Waters



Eagle Bluff is located about 20km outside the town of Denham in the Shark Bay World Heritage Area. It is named after the Osprey which nest on the rock island just offshore. It has a wonderful elevated viewing platform that gives you a panoramic view of Denham Sound. You can see for miles in every direction and the water is so clear that you are usually always rewarded with spotting a shark, turtle, ray or even a dugong in the waters below.  This has to be one of my favourite photos within the artistic collection. It looks like something out of a graphic design portfolio. In fact it is taken from the top of the Eagle Bluff lookout, looking straight down over the edge, into the water below, approximately 20 metres. The foreground of this image is the closest point in the photo, showing the shoreline and the natural banded colours of the lithology in Shark Bay. As you move up the image the water depth increases and you get the lighter sand on the seabed. It's such wonderful rich mixture of water colour, red soils and an unusual perspective. 

Location - Eagle Bluff, Shark Bay, Western Australia

Aspect shown - Square

Product Code: FP17123S 

Category: Opt 3c, Square


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