Railway Crossing


Railway crossing just outside Tom Price on the west side of town. A remote mining town in Western Australia, in an area known as the Pilbara. The Pilbara is a large, dry, thinly populated region in the north of WA, known for its ancient landscapes, red earth, vast mineral deposits and fauna biodiversity. It is best known for its iron ore deposits first discovered by Lang Hancock in 1952 and quoted as being "one of the most massive ore bodies in the world" by Thomas Price (Vice-president of the US steel company Kaiser Steel in 1960). The town was named after him and established in the 1960's by mining giant Rio-Tinto to service its iron-ore mine Mount Tom Price. Outback Australia is littered with railway crossings just like this and is a fundamental part of the outback infrastructure throughout Australia.  This line is privately owned and operated by Rio Tinto and provides a link between mine and port for the huge iron ore reserves.

LocationNameless Valley Drive, Tom Price, Western Australia

Aspect Shown - Rectangle

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