Peron Takes Flight

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The Fairy Tern is found on isolated sandy inlets and along the coast from Dampier Archipelago, Western Australia, southward to Tasmania and Victoria. It is most common in Western Australia and rare in New South Wales, Northern Territory and Queensland. Fairy Terns usually nest above the high-tide mark on sandy beaches, spits or ridges, laying their one or two speckled eggs in a shallow scrape in the sand, sometimes lined with small shells or seaweed. They feed almost entirely on fish. They catch fish by plunging in shallow water and have been observed diving from heights of up to 5 m. This flock of terns was photographed on the Peron peninsula. This photograph, believe it or not, was actually taken out of the window of our car. It was extremely windy and they were just ready to take flight. I didn't have time to get out of the car, and if I had I would have missed it. Not my chosen technique for photographing birds but in this instance it paid off. Francois Peron National Park is an isolated haven for coastal birds. Birds are not used to regular human interaction and as a result quite flighty. In this aspect I have cropped out the sand and you are left with the rich turquoise blue of the water and blue sky. The flock of terns are evenly scattered throughout the shot from left to right and through the centre of the image, creating a very balance composition, drawing your eye to the centre of the photograph and detail of the birds. A very calming shot, this is one of my favourites.   

Location - Francois Peron National Park, Shark Bay, Western Australia

Aspect shown - Panoramic

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