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Eagle Bluff broadwalk, is an elevated viewing platform that is 400 metres long and  perched high above the shallow waters of Henri Freycinet Harbour. There are excellent views of two small limestone islands and marine life that frequents the inshore waters. Rays, sharks, schools of fish and even turtles and dugongs can often be seen especially during summer months.  Located approx 20km south from Denham, this area us named after the osprey or sea eagles which next on the rock island just offshore. Eagle Bluff also marks the spot where Captain H.M. Denham carved the inscription on a rock in 1858 from which the town derives its name. The rock is now placed in Pioneer Park in the township of Denham. 

This photograph was taken looking back towards Bluff lookout point (South). The striking white colour of the path and the leading lines in its form, draw your eye seamlessly to the view beyond and the rich turquoise sea.

Location - Eagle Bluff broadwalk, Shark Bay, Western Australia

Aspect Shown - Vertical

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