Pacific Black Duck

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The Pacific Black Duck can be found throughout most of Australia, in all but the most arid regions. It mainly feeds on the seeds of aquatic plants but supplements its diet with small crustaceans, mollusc and aquatic insects. The Pacific Black Duck is mostly mid-brown in colour with each feather edge lighter in colour. It has a bright green glossy patch on its secondary flight feathers. It is easily distinguishable by its head pattern, with a dark brown line through the eye, bordered by cream both above and below, with a dark brown crown.

This duck was photographed at my local park.  Ducks found in urban areas or public parks tend to be a lot tamer than truely wild ducks, so you can get much closer to them, without scaring them away. They are a great subject to snap as they move so slowly on the water, at times just drifting along. The markings on this duck are quite beautiful and coupled with the clear water and detail of the lake floor give a very interesting composition. I love the lack of movement on the water but mostly I love the dark markings against the blue water. This bird has a very striking eye colour and this pop of red really stands out.  

Location: Broadbeach Park, Hillarys, Perth, Western Australia

Aspect shown - Rectangle

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