Moody Sky

Category: Opt 2c, Square


This long exposure shot was photographed in Noosa Queensland. Noosa is a town on the Sunshine coast in Queensland. It is surrounded by stunning beaches, lakes, parks and tropical hinterlands of Noosa National Park. It's like a little beautiful boutique town with every sporting activity you can think of available, along with perfect beaches, warm water and lush green vegetation everywhere.  This photo was taken at a little beach at Granite Bay. I ventured out early to get sunrise shots over the water only to be confronted with an overcast stormy morning setting. But nature has a way of surprising me all the time. Using long exposure techniques a flat dearly image is transformed into a moody almost mystical seascape. I love the effect it has on water motion and the clarity of the surrounding rocks. In this version I've cropped out the sky and focused on the water. What I thought would be a washout, turns out to be my favourite long exposure image to date. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

Location - Granite Bay, Noosa, Queensland, Australia

Aspect shown - Square

Product Code: FP17040S 

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