Middleton Rock View


Ellen Cove can be found at the southern end of Middleton beach. A protected cove surrounded by the new shark barrier constructed at Middleton beach. Ellen Cove jetty and the large red and blue pontoon are features of the cove in the summer months. The shoreline snakes around the headland and the Ellen Cove broadwalk climbs high above the rocks of Point King, following the coastline around to Princess Royal Harbour into Albany town centre. 

This image features the beautiful Norfolk pines that fringe the beach and are a prominent feature of the Middleton Beach area. The rocks strewn with seaweed and striking turquoise colouration of the sea complete the scene. The strong accent blue roofs of the nearby cafe add an element of interest to the scene. 

Location - Ellen Cove, Middleton Beach, Albany, Western Australia

Aspect Shown - Rectangle / Custom

Product Code - FP17158R/Custom

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