Manta Ray Reef - CANVAS BOX FRAME 60cm x 40cm

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PRINT SIZE: 60cm x 40cm  TOTAL FRAME SIZE:  63cm x 43cm  FRAME: White Canvas Box Frame. 


The Great Barrier Reef is the largest reef system in the world and the most well known. It is the largest living structure on the planet and lies off the east coast of Australia covering an impressive 344,400 square km. It is a prized World Heritage Area and one of the worlds seven natural wonders of the world. It is no surprise then that it is also one of the worlds most popular tourist attractions.  But like almost all natural environments on the planet today, it is under threat. It has already changed dramatically over the past 3 decades. It has lost half its coral cover from farm pollutant runoff, over fishing, poor management of commercial & recreational fishing and from the effects of global warming. Coral bleaching is now a major contributing factor to the decline of the reef. As the oceans get warmer, the fragile reef system which is highly susceptible to the smallest changes in temperature are dying. When you consider the abundance of life that a reef system supports and the variety of mammals and fish species the effects are devastating. Our oceans are under threat and without them life on the planet would not exist. The WWF is doing some amazing work and puts climate change and protecting our oceans front and centre of their campaigns. 

This photograph was taken out of the window of a helicopter, heading back from the reef platform. It shows a beautiful ray swimming in-between the reef as though trapped in a lagoon. The colour of the reef is sensational. If you ever get the opportunity, take to the air to view the reef, it will take your breath away.   


Location - Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia

Aspect shown - Rectangle

Product Code: INSTOCK/FP17001R/C-SBF/16x24"

Style - Canvas Stretched & Box Framed in White, delivered ready to hang

Dimensions: Print Size 16" x 24" or 60 x 40cm / Box Framed 17" x 25" or 63cm x 43cm / Frame width on Faceside of print 0.375"

Print: Discontinued Print 

Camera Specifications: Canon PowerShot S3IS, 6.0–72.0mm, Focal Length: 7.8mm, ISO 75, Exp: 1/640@f4.0

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