Magnificent Peron

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Cape Peron is the furthest point on the Francois Peron National Park peninsula. It joins Skipjack point by a 1.5km walking trail and takes about 45 minutes, along the Wanamalu trail. The area was named after the French naturalist and zoologist François Péron, who accompanied the expedition of Nicholas Baudin along the western coast of Australia in 1801. Cape Peron offers panoramic views of magnificent Shark Bay and Skipjack Point. It is here you can see the confluence of two major currents at this northerly tip. It is not safe to swim at Cape Peron due to these currents.   This photograph showcases the natural colours of this area and are utterly magnificent. Only a visit in person can ever do them justice. This image was taken looking east towards skipjack point from Cape Peron. It represents Shark Bay perfectly. The Big blue sky, turquoise waters of changing shades and hues, contrasting with the rich red soils of Shark Bay and dominated by the green spinifex and flora species prolific to the area. Magnificent Peron in all her glory. 

Location - Cape Peron, Francois Peron National Park, Shark Bay, Western Australia. 

Aspect shown - Panoramic

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