Jake's Point

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Jakes Point is a well known and well loved surf break just south of Kalbarri in Western Australia. The break itself is a left hand point break, that can break upwards of 200 metres. I'm told this wave is only for the experienced surfer and you can quickly see why. One wrong move and you are straight onto the ledge. From a photographers point of view, it's a great spot. The wave breaks so close to shore you feel like your almost in amongst the action. The ledge can give you great access to get close to the surfers, but be warned, those waves can wash in just as fast and knock you off your feet. As you head round the point the wind picks up considerably but you can still get really close and stay relatively well protected if you hug the corner and stay on the northside. This was my first time to the point. It takes time to get to know a new site especially when it's a surf break. It was late afternoon when we got down there, most of the surfers had already come in. This guy was the last one to head into the surf as the light faded. I love how the colour of his board and the wave are the same. 

Location - Jakes Point, Kalbarri, Western Australia

Aspect shown - Square - Aspect Ratio 1:1

Product Code: FP17003Sv1

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