Hanover Bay Jetty


Hanover Bay lies directly in front of Albany town and home to Princess Royal Harbour. Here in the shallows waters of the Bay, to the western side of Albany town, near Princess Royal Drive and the Amity Brig Vessel, lies a small jetty that sweeps out into the Bay, in a long curving arc. Used by small boats and fisherman but mostly frequented by flocks of seaguls, this jetty makes a wonderful aerial composition.

The jetty itself takes centre stage in this photograph. The colours and patterns of the shallow waters draw the eye around the image. The sharpest focus lies to the bottom edge, the shoreline. The shallow waters are rich in colours and patterns. The ripples on the water and white markings on the jetty made by the birds, trick the eye into refocusing, while the clarity of the stones and the cleanest part of the jetty sharpen the focus. I love the arc of the jetty from this aerial perspective. 

Location - Hanover Bay, Prince George Sound, Albany, Western Australia

Aspect Shown - Rectangle

Product Code - FP17178R

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