Green Island Winds



Green Island lies off the coast of Torndirrup National Park one of the most impressive and diverse national parks along the Rainbow coast. The Torndirrup peninsula is known as Torgadirrup tp the local Aboriginal community who are the traditional custodians of this country. The north side of the peninsula is the Princess Royal Harbour and to the east the King George Sound. The Southside takes the full force of the Southern Ocean. It is home to the famous "The Gap" and "Natural Bridge" rock formations. 

This landscape image features Green Island in the distance and Oyster Bay. The well known natural land formation known as "The Natural Bridge" can be viewed from the path shown on the right hand side of the picture, it is just out of view to the left hand side of the picture. This panoramic print gives you the true feel of the park, with its wind swept bushes bent and warped by the wind and the huge panoramic view of this spectacular coastal region of Western Australia. This natural colours in this part of the world are breathtaking.  


Location -  Torndirrup National Park, Western Australia

Aspect Shown - Super Panoramic

Product Code - FP17166SupP

Camera Specifications: Canon EOS 5DS-R, EF 16-35mm f/2.8L USM, Focal Length: 16mm, ISO 100, MM: Pattern, Exp: 1/80@f/8

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