Green Island



Green Island lies off the coast of Torndirrup National Park, in Oyster Harbour approximately 6.5 km northwest of Albany in Western Australia. It has a total area of 5 acres and a designated class 1A Nature reserve. The closest land to the island is Bayonet Head only 750 metres away. Green Island is 1 of only 4 prominent breeding grounds for Pelicans in Western Australia. The surrounding waters of the island to the north and north east are used for farming blue mussels. 

This landscape image features Green Island in the far distance of the photograph, just off centre, on the horizon. The most compelling part of the image is the striking green vegetation in the foreground and beautiful granite rock formaCtions that dominate the centre of the image. Nature at her best.


Location -  Torndirrup National Park, Western Australia

Aspect Shown - Super Panoramic

Product Code - FP17165SupP

Camera Specifications: Canon EOS 5DS-R, EF 16-35mm f/2.8L USM, Focal Length: 35mm, ISO 100, MM: Pattern, Exp: 1/160@f/8

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