Green Beach



Middleton Beach, is the main swimming beach in Albany,  The waters here are protected by King George Sound, keeping the Southern Ocean waves at bay. 

The beach itself is named after Captain Middleton in 1934. (A very distant ancestor to Kate Middleton, now married to Prince William of the United Kingdom and future Queen to the British throne.)

This photograph was taken in the height of the summer when the waters are warm and the vivid colour of the sea is at its most glorious. Its rich strong turquoise colour can only truely be appreciated from the air.  The white sandy beach merges into the crystal clear waters. The shark barrier and pontoon can also be seem in the water below. 


Location - Middleton Beach, Albany, Western Australia

Aspect Shown - Super Panoramic

Product Code - FP17147SupP

Camera Specifications: DJI MAVIC PRO 2 DRONE with onboard Hasselblad camera L1D-20c, EF 28mm f/2.8, Focal Length: 28mm, ISO 100, MM: Centre-weighted av, Exp: 1/240@f/5, Alt: 95.4m

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