Gorge Tree Vista


Karijini National Park is spectacular. It can be found a short 16 hour drive from Perth if you go straight up the middle. It took two days to get here. Set in the heart of the Hamersley Range, this National park did not disappoint. My only regret was not having more time to explore it. Much of the southern end of the park is inaccessible, but the northern end doesn't disappoint. There are two main areas, Hamersley Gorge and the second area on the Newman side which features - Dales, Hancock, Weano, Joffre, Knox and Kalamina Gorge.  It's about a 45 min drive between these two areas which gives you a good idea of scale. This park is huge. This photograph was taken at the top of Dales Gorge looking east, just where the path from the car park joins the trail along the gorge rim. It's almost the first thing you see as you approach the vista. I love the magnificence of its form, a dead tree nestled between rocks, sprayed out, as if announcing the gorge to the viewer. The striking red colouration on its bark, the fine red Pilbara soil that penetrates every inch of this beautiful wilderness.

Location - Karijini National Park, Western Australia

Aspect shown - Rectangle   

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