Crocodile Nose Leaf

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The Saltwater Crocodile or Crocodylus Porosus is the largest of all living reptiles, also known as the Estuarine or Indo-pacific crocodile. This apex predator is abundant in northern parts of Australia. From the far northern regions of Western Australia, into the Northern Territory and across to Queensland.  This magnificent specimen was photographed in Kakadu National Park and if you didn't spot it gliding silently through the water without so much as a ripple, then you would never know it was there. It didn't make a sound. Saltwater crocodiles are abundant in the Northern Territory with an estimated population of over 100,000 just in one state.  The most densely populated crocodile population in the world can be found in the Mary River, half way between Darwin and Kakadu National Park. Throughout tropical Australia the average population of crocodiles is about 5 crocs per km, but in the Mary River it increases to a staggering 20 crocs per km.  They are a common sighting in Kakadu National Park too. If you ever visit the park I would highly recommend the Yellow River Cruise, especially if you are a photographer. It's the perfect way to get out on the water, without the distraction of windows or glass getting in the way of your view. What I love most about this photo is of course the eyes, and unusually the grass blade cross the nose. It adds another layer to this image, where you have to stop and look a while to work out what's going on. This image was taken from quite a distance so it has been cropped to highlight the detail of the face. It's quite serene and menacing all at the same time. 



Location - Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory, Australia

Aspect shown - Rectangle 

Product Code: FP17057R

Camera Specifications: Canon EOS 50D, EF 150-500mm, Focal Length: 370mm, ISO 200, Tv, Exp: 1/100@f6.3


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