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Description :

Sorrento Beach, is a northern coastal suburb in Perth. This part of the coastline is just gorgeous. There is a road that takes you right along the coastline through a number of suburbs, West Coast Drive. All the way along for about 5km it is dotted with little beaches and bays. You can see the surfers out on the water, the kite surfers taking flight and the dogs swimming in the sea all from the comfort of your car as you drive along. With stunning houses on the other side it's like a little slice of heaven in the city (suburbs!) This photograph is a very good reason why I should always take my camera with me everywhere (and I quite often don't). There are a series of shots taken at this location. This one features the path down to the beach and the strong colours of the vegetation and deep blue hue of the water. It was taken in winter when rain fall is high and the rich green colours of the shoreline are evident. What I love about this area is the changing colours of the water throughout the year. What stands out to me in this photo is the lovely green shades in the foreground and the wave lip forming on the water. 

Specifications :

Location - Sorrento Beach, Western Australia

Aspect shown - Super Panoramic 

Product Code: FP17056SupP.v2  

Camera Specifications: Canon EOS 5DS-R, EF 16-35mm f/4L IS USM, Focal Length: 27mm, ISO 100, Av, Exp: 1/640@f5.6

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