Calm Water View


Sorrento Quay is Hillarys Boat Harbour. The main entertainment and shopping area within Sorrento Quay can be found along a raised wooden jetty that extends out over the water. Here you can find a maze of eateries, retail fashion shops, tourist stores and other services, from real estate agents to galleries. The calm waters within the marina are a huge attraction for families and a safe alternative to tackling the surf along the coastal shores. With kids entertainment rides and activities, a playground and plenty of room to run around, Hillarys has something for everyone.    This photograph from taken at one of the most popular spots in Hillarys, looking directly north west straight out across the beach area to the bridge beyond. Turquoise clear waters are a given at Hillarys and a welcome relief from the summer heat. Here a moment of calm. Captured an hour after first light, as the sun rises, giving way to another busy day ahead. 

Location - Sorrento Quay, (aka Hillarys Boat Harbour), Hillarys, Western Australia 

Aspect Shown - Rectangle

Product Code - FP17133R

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