Bottle Bay Water View

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This area is famed for it's natural beauty and abundant wildlife. You don't have to wait long to see turtles or rays swimming along the calm turquoise waters. The water was clear and cold and the temperature hot, mid 30's. The wind was quite strong and a welcome distraction from the heat. There are no facilities out here, so you need to come prepared with plenty of water. This is 4WD country only and it's remoteness is also it's charm. Despite this there were a handful of people nearby enjoying the view. For this shot I waded out into the shallow water and stood on some rocks that were still above the waterline. Now, by looking backward towards the shore I could capture the clear torquoise green water and contrast it with the rock in the background. You don't get the enormity of the bay in this shot but instead you get the beautiful natural colours and clarity of the water, it's just one of those inviting photos you wish you could just transport yourself to and dive in. With that impeccable brilliant blue sky, it just finishes it off. 

Location - Bottle Bay, Francois Peron National Park, Western Australia

Aspect shown - Rectangle

Product Code: FP17112R

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