Bottle Bay Rocks


Beautiful Bottle Bay is located at the tip of Francois Peron National Park in the Shark Bay region. It sits on the southern side of Cape Peron point. It is home to a number of threatened species including the Bilby, Woma Python, Thick-billed Grass Wren and the Mallee Fowl. The sea around Peron Peninsula teems with wildlife, from Bottle Nose Dolphins, Dugongs, Loggerhead Turtles, Manta Rays and Sharks. The natural beauty of the area is quite breathtaking. I have never experienced such vivid and vibrant colours. The red sandstone rock is as red and rich as you see it in the photo. The contrast of the turquoise blue water makes everything stand out, that much more. Bottle Bay is probably one of the most photographed beaches in Francois Peron National Park and it's easy to see why. Sometimes it's hard to find a new angle to photograph. For this shot, I chose to get down low and create more interest in the foreground. Here you can get the contrasting colours coming through in the sand that perhaps wouldn't have shown up otherwise. For me, Bottle Bay is all about the rich red colours of the rock and I wanted this to dominate. This photograph only works in a square aspect as the foreground rocks are what makes this image. 

Location - Bottle Bay, Francois Peron National Park, Western Australia

Aspect shown - Square

Product Code:  FP17115S

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