Boat Harbour Brilliance

Category: Opt 5b/Cust, Panoramic


This magnificent sunset was taken looking directly west from the shoreside of Hillarys Boat Harbour (also known as Sorrento Quay) There were no filters used to create this incredible colour. It is all natural and one of the most incredible sunsets I have ever witnessed. This image was taken in May 2018. The striking colour and wonderful cloud formation pull the views eye to the centre of the image where the detail reveals, boats and the harbour walkway.  Here the flow of people along the walkway have simply stopped to take in the mesmerising view. If you look closely you can spot a wedge-tailed eagle sitting on top of the white metal frame, far left of the image. A slow shutter speed of 1 second was used in the image to increase the availability of light into the shot as well as creating a softer element to the water below.

Location - Hillarys Boat Harbour aka Sorrento Quay, Hillarys, Perth, Western Australia

Aspect Shown - Panoramic Ratio 2:1

Product Code - FP17131P/custom

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