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Do I have to make an  account to buy online? 
No. You can order and checkout without creating an account. 

How do I create an account? 
Click on the person icon at the top of the page "My Account" and follow the prompts. It's only takes a few seconds to sign up. 

Do I have to activate my account? 
Yes, once you have created an account you will receive an email asking you to activate your account. Once this is complete you are ready to go.

I forgot my password, can I reset it? 
There is a "forgot your password" link on the login page which allows you to reset your password. 

How do I view past orders? 
When you login your order history will automatically be displayed.

How do I change My Account details? 
Under your name, your contact details will be displayed. Below this information there is a link "View Addresses" click on this link to take you through to your Account Details. Here you can edit or delete your information

How do I get back to My Account without logging out again? 
At the top of the page, "My Account" will be displayed when you are logged in, you will find it next to search and Cart icon. Click on My Account to return to your Account page.