Optimum design with a flawless finish


Leading the way in innovation and design, Chromaluxe high-definition metal photo panels combine colour brilliance and outstanding clarity. If your looking for next big thing in wall art, you just found it!

Metal printing is a relatively new technique in the photographic market. Using Chromaluxe high definition metal panels made from aluminium, the image dyes are infused directly into the coated metal panels creating an outstanding clear and vibrant image with exceptional detail and resolution unlike anything else on the market today. What makes this product so special, is its ultra lightweight and scratch resistant qualities coupled with its long lasting durability. There is nothing else quite like it. Even the largest of prints are astonishingly easy to handle and a breeze to mount on any wall. With our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back, you can be assured of receiving the best product to the highest standards without any risk.


Features: 100% Chromaluxe High definition metal panels (aluminium), Exceptional vibrant colours, Scratch resistant, 100% Water proof, High gloss finish, Ultra lightweight properties, Exceptional detail and resolution, Durable and long lasting images that won't fade,


The ultimate choice for modern design and outstanding clarity


For an ultra glossy, sharp and vibrant finish, unsurpassed by any other printing medium, Metal Mount is your perfect choice. Fusing vivid colours and highly durable material that is scratch resistant. Its light weight aluminium properties make it a firm favourite for large format prints. Featuring rounded corners for ease of handling, a mounting bracket attached to its underside, neatly hidden from the edge and creating a subtle shadow line when mounted on the wall. Unlike acrylic, this product has a much more slimline profile at barely 2mm in thickness. This frameless printing medium comes ready to hang on the wall.  

Every photograph is printed to order and carefully packaged to ensure its safe transit.

This product is available Australia wide.


The ultimate printing medium and flawless design

Using Chromaluxe metal panels to produce a glossy vibrant print surrounded by a timber frame, produces a wall art design that is both contemporary and robust in appearance. The clean white solid box frame accentuates the original frameless finish of the artwork into a full framed, 3 dimensional, solid box framed piece of art. Creating a greater presence on the wall than it's frameless counterpart. Although the frame adds to the weight of this ultra lightweight product, it is a happy compromise. A solid profile box frame adds to the luxury and appeal of the final finished print. White frames are used throughout all printing choices however alternative colours are available on request for no additional cost. Please make your frame colour selection clear when you check out. Every photograph is mounted and framed to order and carefully packaged inside a reinforced custom box, to ensure its safe transit.

This product is available Australia wide